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Bank of Valletta launches the BOV Club Package for Students

Monday, 18 July 2016

Bank of Valletta has just launched its new BOV Club package. Targeted at students about to embark on their post-secondary education, the Package aims to provide an all-encompassing solution for the financial needs of young students.

“Student years are the time to invest in one’s future. Bank of Valletta firmly believes in the potential of students, and that is why we invested so much in BOV Club and continue putting our resources in this package to ensure that students’ initiation to the financial world is a smooth one,” explained Karl Spiteri, Head Customer Service Centre and responsible for the management of the BOV Club.

Among the offers available, students can avail themselves from a Student eAccount which combines accessibility and a higher rate of interest, a fee-free BOV Visa Classic or BOV MasterCard with a credit limit of €500. Students can also avail themselves from unsecured student loans of up to €5,000 with no processing fees. This offer also includes the free life cover that the Bank is offering with all new personal financing applications.

“As in past years, we want to give newcomers who choose Bank of Valletta as their financial partner a warm welcome. Thus, we have put together a broad selection of welcome gifts for students to choose from,” said Mr Spiteri.

These welcome gifts are also available for full-time students who choose to renew their membership when moving on from a post-secondary institution to the University of Malta.

Charles Azzopardi, Head PR & Marketing elaborated about the Bank’s communication channels with these students. “We have a dedicated BOV Club Facebook Page to keep in touch and engage with BOV Club members throughout their student years.” Here students receive regular updates, snippets of information that they should find interesting, as well as offers and special events targeted at them.

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