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Banco Sabadell and the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain sign cooperation agreement

Banco Sabadell, Spain

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Banco Sabadell and the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain have signed a cooperation agreement in which both institutions undertake to promote business and investment between British and Spanish companies. With this agreement, Banco Sabadell will support the activities carried out by the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain and will provide its associated companies with products and services under preferential conditions in order for it to implement its future projects.

Eva Prada, national director of the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain (BCCS), and regional director of Banco Sabadell, Xavier Comerma, signed the agreement at the Banco Sabadell headquarters in Barcelona.

For Ms Prada, the involvement of Banco Sabadell in the organisation represents "a significant development in the Chambers strategy, as the newest member is a leading institution in funding projects aimed at exports". Furthermore, Banco Sabadell "offers Spanish companies a chance to enter the UK market, and to help British companies set down roots in Spain, which strengthens the bilateral relations between both countries”, Eva Prada concluded.

The regional director of Banco Sabadell, Xavier Comerma, noted that “this agreement complements our business activity in the United Kingdom and will help us establish ourselves as a key institution for both UK companies operating in Spain and Spanish companies which have, or wish to set up, business ties with the UK

The BCCS hopes that the new relationship will be beneficial for both parties, and that it will help strengthen the bilateral relationship between both countries.



The British Chamber of Commerce in Spain

Founded in 1908, it is the only independent British-Hispanic business organisation. Its mission is to promote business relations between Spain and the United Kingdom, protect its members’ interests and organise events and initiatives to make business easier and improve companies’ visibility. It has offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga, and 300 member companies from both Spain and the UK, including representatives of the main British investors in Spain and Spanish investors in the UK. The institution supports and is supported by some of the most important institutions in trade and investment, such as ICEX in Spain and UKTI in the UK. For more information visit:

Banc Sabadell

With 135 years of history, Banco Sabadell is the fourth largest Spanish banking group, and has a firm position in the group of best-capitalised Spanish financial institutions. Banco Sabadell already has over €207,000 million in assets, a branch network of close to 2,900 branches and offices, and over 11 million loyal customers.

Over the last decade, it has experienced a period of historic growth, demonstrating its resilience during the financial crisis and the restructuring of the Spanish financial system and significantly expanding its international footprint, with acquisitions and new offices in Mexico, Peru, Colombia and the United Kingdom, where it acquired British bank TSB in 2015

Banco Sabadell's profit up to September amounted to €646.9 million, 11.6% more

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